Friday, October 16, 2009

Returning to Lehi's Vision

As I was pondering what we learned this past week in the book of Jacob, I found it more than coincidental that everything could relate back to Lehi's Vision. That's something that had never occurred to me before in reading and studying the Book of Mormon.

Monday's lesson - Pride (Jacob 2)
Tuesday's lesson - Riches, Wealth & Pride (Jacob 2)
Wednesday's lesson - Immorality, Unchastity (Jacob 2-3)
Thursday's lesson - Having your actions consistent with that you know (Jacob 3)

Today in Seminary we referred back to Lehi's vision and tried to identify the parts of his vision that would apply to what we learned this past week.  It all seems to apply. 

The Great & Spacious building described in 1 Nephi 8:26-27, 33 and 1 Nephi 11:35-36 describe the lifestyle of some of the Nephites in Jacob 2-3.   The building is filled with a variety of different people wearing fine clothing, mocking those who are being obedient to spiritual things.   If they were once spiritual people, they no longer feel the Spirit or have an understanding of things NOT of this world.  If they have never learned to recognize the Light of Christ, we can understand why they scorn those who have.  They are caught up in PRIDE and SELF.

Wednesday's & Thursday's lessons dealt with being loyal to the Lord, keeping your actions consistent with what you know, and being accountable for that.   We went back to Lehi's vision in 1 Nephi 8 and re-identified the 4 groups of people in his vision.

1.  vvs. 21-23 - People on the path, lost their way in the darkness, never caught hold of the rod.

2.  vvs. 24-25, 28 - People on the path, pressing forward clinging to the rod, ate the fruit, were ashamed after heeding influence from the world, fell away.

3.  vvs. 30, 33 - People on the path, pressing forward holding fast to the rod, ate the fruit, heeded not the world.

4.  vvs. 31-32 - People who never made it to the path, lost, never made it to the rod, went the way of the world.

We discussed which people were more accountable for what they knew, and which ones stayed loyal to the Lord. We also applied D&C 82:3 to these groups of people in Lehi's vision.  It was very interesting to become re-acquainted with this vision. As we keep referring back to it, my class is becoming better at relating the people in the vision to groups of people today.  I asked our class to try to see if they could apply whatever they are reading in the Book of Mormon to Lehi's vision.  It may not always fit, but let's just see what does fit.  It brings greater light to our understanding.  I'm sure we will discover more as we continue.  How exciting!

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