Friday, October 30, 2009

Happiness For 4 Seminary Teachers

Jacob was a senior in my class last year. He's one of those amazing young men who came to seminary early every day, helped me set up the classroom, and memorized all 100 Scripture Mastery scriptures over the 4 years he attended seminary.  Today he invited his former seminary teachers to his home at 4:30 p.m. to watch him open his mission call with his family.  Really?  What an honor!

He's been called to serve in Washington, D.C. on an American Sign Language Mission and reports to the MTC in January!  How cool is that?  Jacob took ASL in high school so he's very excited to use it on his mission.  I'd say he's prepared for this moment in his life for a looooooong time now.  He's one of these strong ones in this RISING GENERATION of youth. We're so proud of him!

Today was a special day for Jacob. His gesture of including us in this special moment with his family was so incredibly gracious.  It was a gesture of gratitude.  Well Jacob, "you're welcome".  But really, "thank YOU!"

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  1. I'm in tears reading this! What a great reward for all of your efforts as a teacher!