Thursday, October 1, 2009

Having a "Nerf" BLAST with Scripture Mastery

This Nerf gun is the funnest Scripture Mastery prop I have ever used.  I bought a few of these last year to play with my class and we never EVER got tired of using them to test ourselves on how well we knew our Scripture Mastery.  I laminated twenty-five 8-1/2" x 11" pictures on cardstock of each SM.  I also laminated twenty-five corresponding cards with only the references on them.  And I did the same for the key words.  So that is seventy-five cards total.    As we learned each SM, I'd use these flash cards to test them.   Then at the end of a day where we're concentrating on SM, I tape the cards to the chalk board and set up a few chairs facing the board.  Each shooter has a Nerf gun with several darts.  I bought darts of different colors so we could differentiate which shooter they came from.   The fun starts when I ask for something specific and they have to shoot at the correct card.  The first one whose suction dart sticks to the card, is the winner of that round.  I'll say: "I'm looking for the key words that go with the reference __________."  Then they know they're shooting at the cards with the key words.  Or I'll begin by saying, "I'm looking for the picture for this scripture." And I'll start reading the actual scripture.  The first one whose dart sticks on the correct card is the winner of that round.   They take turns and play as a devotional group or another organized group we've planned ahead of time.   
The fun comes when you see how aiming at the target isn't as easy as it looks.  Also, just because you know the answer doesn't mean you have the fastest gun.   And.......sometimes you'll  know the answer, you'll have the faster gun, but your dart doesn't stick like you wanted it to.   It's tons of fun.   At first I was wondering whether I was encouraging violence in seminary.  I've gotten over that thought a long time ago.  If this is how we bond as a class, then I'll get EVERYONE a Nerf gun!  'Going to play it tomorrow.  We know 8 SM very well at this point in the year.  I'll put up the 24 cards and we'll get to know them even better. 


  1. Good idea mom that actually sounds like fun.

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  3. Just played this on Friday. We made the building roar with noise. So fun, involves everyone, and keeps us sharp with SM. Thanks, Lace.