Friday, October 30, 2009

"Keep It Simple"

I threw down the challenge today. 

We've noticed a pattern in the scriptures beginning with Lehi. 
  1. Someone bears his testimony of what he knows is true. (Lehi)
  2. Someone else hears his testimony of the truth and has a desire to know for himself.  (Nephi)
  3. He exerts faith by doing; living the principle testified of, or praying, etc. (Nephi prayed)
  4. He then receives confirmation from the Spirit of the truth that was testified. (The Lord "visited" Nephi and softened his heart.)
  5. Because he now knows by the Spirit, he can testify of what he knows is true. (Nephi testified to Sam.)
As we read through the Book of Mormon, we begin "plugging in" different people in the "Someone" or the "Someone else" spot.   Nephi goes from the "Someone else" spot to the "Someone" spot at the top.  And this continues throughout the book with different people.  This is how the Spirit is able to reach into the heart of another person.  This is how we allow the Spirit to work through us, and we then become instruments in the hand of the Lord. We must open our mouths. Someone has to start.

So far in class, our concentration has been on being the one who desires to know for himself.  We've focused on knowing how to go from steps 2-5.   Today I challenged my awesome class to put themselves in the TOP SPOTWith fast and testimony meeting coming this Sunday, I challenged them to bear their testimonies in their own ward sacrament meetings of what they knew to be TRUE.   I, (gulp!), told them I'd do the same. 

(Moan, groan, "nooooooo"!)  Can't you just hear them? But some hands went up when I asked who would be willing to accept my challenge. 

The best part was when a class member told us that bearing your testimony can be very simple.  It doesn't have to be long, and when he bears his testimony, he tries to just KEEP IT SIMPLE

'Nuff said.  (Feedback on Monday.)

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