Monday, October 5, 2009

From a teacher of the RISING GENERATION...

Impressive.   My youth were very expressive about what they learned this past weekend while listening to General Conference.  I am happy to see that they have a passion about it.  Again, not my experience as a youth. I always find it so interesting to listen to them.  I don't think I'm that old, or that different from them.  But apparently I am.  They always have such an interesting perspective that I don't see until they share it with me.  That's part of the excitement of teaching youth.   This RISING GENERATION just knows so much more than my generation did when we were that age.  Progress; thank goodness. 

This is what they heard:

Elder Holland's talk made the biggest impression on them.  Read the Book of Mormon, treasure it to avoid being deceived by Satan. Read it, know it, testify of it.   Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Elder Holland's testimony was bold and amazing.  (This is one talk they'll never forget.)

Love Family - Need to be more loving to each other, tell your family you love them and show them, teach your family the doctrine, teach them good morals, talk to one another, be kinder.

Love God - Be loyal to him, know who he is, keep his commandments, pray often.

Love Others - Look for ways of serving, "warm fuzzies", take care of those who have less, lose yourself in serving others.

Anger - Anger doesn't solve anything, patience, can't feel the Spirit when you're angry.

Missionary work - Now is the time to prepare, be worthy, learn so we can teach, gospel must be spread throughout the rest of the world.

Heart - Need to soften our heart by reading the scriptures, praying, keeping the commandments, partaking of the sacrament every week.  Don't be casual.  Being casual turns your heart to stone.  Holy Ghost can't dwell in your heart if it's hard.

I have a great class.  I am happy they are willing to open their mouths and share their thoughts and what was important to them.  An experience like watching General Conference simultaneously brings us closer from hearing the messages at the same time.  The Spirit is able to touch us all in a given moment even if we are miles apart.

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  1. Your experience parallels mine, the youth really pulled a lot out of conference (I have a class with Juniors). Elder Holland's talk was definately one that really impressed on them.