Tuesday, November 3, 2009

4 Brave Souls & 1 Shaky Teacher

Last week our class discussed testifying by the Spirit of what we know to be true.  (See "Keep It Simple" ) We're trying to articulate what's in our hearts and minds, as revealed to us by the Holy Ghost.   It's helpful for us to remember to focus on those we're testifying to.  If we truly bear pure testimony in hopes of being instruments in the hand of the Lord, then we would not be worried/fearful about how we appear/sound in front of others.  Some of our classmates might say, "Easier said than done."  I have to admit; I agree. But that's our challenge and one we must overcome. Our intent is to allow the Spirit to teach others through our words.  We simply need to get up and open our mouths.  The Spirit is the teacher.  We offer ourselves as the conduits.

We have some very brave youth among us.   4 members of our class (that I know of) stood to bear their testimony on Sunday and I was able to hear 3 of them.  Oh, and one young man bears his testimony every month in sacrament meeting.  (Yep, I know; amazing.)  Hearing them makes me stronger; makes my testimony more solid.  There is something very powerful about listening to youth testify of what they know to be true!

Perhaps we can influence a different group of youth in our class to stand and bear pure testimony next month, or the month after, or the month after?  I bore my testimony this past month with some of our classmates.  Knees knocking a little, but the gospel is true, whether I shake or not!

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