Thursday, November 5, 2009

Book of Mormon "Journey Dolls"

This is the part in the Book of Mormon where you need a chart in one hand and your scriptures in the other in order to keep track of time, people, and places. 

Thanks to a dear former seminary teacher who shares, I have temporarily adopted several Book of Mormon "Journey Dolls" to use in class for us to keep track of "who's who".  They're faceless, they have raggedy hair, and they need a seamstress (or a hot glue gun), but they are AWESOME figures to help us re-enact the storyline in the book of Mosiah.  (There are several more Journey Dolls than pictured. These are just the ones we used today.)

Let me introduce to you today's characters:  from left to right,  King Laman (he's a little on the short, pudgy side), Zeniff in the back, Lamanite warrior (likes bright colors), King Limhi, and Ammon.  As you can see, all of them were in the Land of Nephi (Lehi-Nephi) for this lesson.  The actors have rehearsed their lines, they're standing on their marks, and they're ready for "showtime".

King Mosiah waits patiently in Zarahemla for a report from Ammon.

The only way that it made sense to me to do this was to roll out a round table at the church, designate North and South, set out cards with names of the significant places mentioned in the scriptures, and move the dolls to where they need to be.  Each day we have the dolls out, we review from the beginning "who goes where", "how who got where", and "why who got where".  I'll be inviting class members to re-tell the history in the Book of Mormon using the dolls to get us to where we are in the scriptures.

Our next lesson will involve King Noah, Abinadi, and Noah's priests.  Here they are rehearsing for their part of the re-enactment.  If you couldn't guess, Noah is the one with the ostentatious pink and purple clothing, and the gold crown with pink sparkler-looking pompoms on top. 

Stay tuned for more episode updates on the "Journey Dolls". And yes, I do actually squeeze in a lesson as we move the dolls around, but it's tempting not to.

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  1. Very cute....they have Diana written all over them!