Thursday, November 19, 2009

Indiana Jones & Scripture Mastery

This cute picture (as well as 24 others) was passed along to me by my CES Coordinator.    I don't know who created these, so I can't give him his due credit, but whomever he is, he's got my gratitude and admiration.  My class loves these, and they're very effective for remembering each Scripture Mastery scripture.  This picture helps my class remember the Scripture Mastery verse Alma 32:21.

"And now as I said concerning faith—faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true."
As a seminary teacher, I'll do anything to get them to remember scriptures like this one.  We play games, we repeat them over and over until we're able to recite them in our sleep, we use object lessons, we sing songs, we highlight them, we chase them, we act them out, we draw them out, we play more games, and on and on. I use this picture as a flashcard.  When they look at it, they're able to tell that:

1.  This scripture is found in "owl"-ma (Alma)
2.  In the 32nd chapter, as indicated by the 32 oz. drink
3.  (somehow we have to remember the "verse 21" part without a visual prompt)
4.  And Indiana Jones helps us understand the two ledges/cliffs, and the meaning behind the scripture.

    I'm constantly reminded that I'm from another generation than my class.  Indiana Jones movies are a part of who I am!  It makes perfect sense to me for the creator of this Alma SM picture to include the two cliffs to teach FAITH.  Well................most of my class hadn't seen this movie clip because they're a lot younger than when Indiana Jones movies were popular.  (Yep, I'm feeling older by the hour.)  And obviously, the person who created this Alma SM picture is close to my age, poor old guy!

    The most important part of learning Scripture Mastery scriptures is the application of them in our lives.  If we can learn them so well (master them) that we can recall their meaning at crucial times in our lives, then it has been all worth the study and work.  Coming to KNOW these scriptures changes who we are.  As the doctrine in these scriptures settle in our minds and seep down into our hearts, we begin living the doctrine because it has become a part of us

    We can't always call on Indiana Jones to help us learn and remember each Scripture Mastery scripture, but aren't we lucky that we had his help with this one?


    1. You are a "master" teacher! Love both the Indiana Jones clip (Yes, I am old, and Yes, it is such a great way to teach the "leap of faith" concept!) and the scripture mastery cards. I especially love the "Mind+Heart" diagram!

      KNOWING certainly does invoke change!

    2. I love your thoughts on scripture MASTER-Y.
      I keep trying to get my kids to understand that we need to master the principles they teach.
      Love Indiana Jones. the ride at Disney was my favorite to go on when we lived in CA!

      I am always searching the web for picture clues to use with the scripture mastery verses. I really helps some of my students to learn them.