Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Preparation

It's interesting to assess where we are in life in contrast to where we used to be.  It's important to take the time to recognize the "journey" as well as the destination.  I think of life like a treasure map.  Each of us has our own unique map; none is like another. We all have the same destination but we have different routes.   There is a worthwhile treasure at the end (eternal life with Heavenly Father). We are going to come across many obstacles/distractions (temptations/worldliness) along the way and meander around with our compass (Holy Ghost) in hand.  Sometimes the compass works and sometimes it doesn't (depending on our faithfulness).  We are bound to get lost (wrong choices) several times.  With our treasure map (scriptures, prophet, commandments, standards) in hand we can eventually get to our destination.  Oh yes, and we must trust the provider of the map (Jesus Christ).

Our compass must be functioning properly, and we must follow the map, no matter what.  To question the course route only slows us down.

Alma meets Amulek

In Alma 8, Alma goes to the city of Ammonihah.  He is rejected by the hard-hearted people there who mistreat him and cast him out of their city.  As he leaves, his discouragement leads him to earnestly pray for the Lord's help. He is visited by an angel who commands him to return to Ammonihah and call them to repentance.  The Lord provides a way for Alma to accomplish his mission (1 Ne. 3:7) by sending him a man named Amulek.

Two Converging Paths

These two men were called by the Lord and prepared to do a great work.  Each had his own treasure map to follow prior to meeting each other. Each had to accept their call in order for their paths to cross.  Their converging paths created a powerful missionary companionship where they could teach by the Spirit.  I'm pretty sure Alma and Amulek didn't know what was ahead of them.  The Lord didn't tell them how their service to Him would affect so many souls.  But they didn't need to know that in order to do the work.  They simply needed to be worthy and willing.

None of us really knows what's ahead of us on our treasure maps.  We, like Alma and Amulek, must be worthy and prepared to trust the Lord as He calls us on the many missions we have in life.  We must trust his timetable and allow him to qualify us for the work.  The course he sets for us will shape us into being souls who are prepared to receive the treasure!

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  1. I am so glad that my map included a converging path with yours. You are awesome! Great insights as always!!!