Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Becoming A "Member" Again

Today we started class by listing as many words as we could with the prefix "RE-".  The rest of the word must be able to stand on its own.  (For example, "re-new" as opposed to "re-spect".)   Re-pair, re-breather, re-turn, re-mind, re-start, re-use, re-cycle, etc..................we found more than several!  We determined that the prefix "RE-" prepares you to repeat or go back to the second part of the word.  I then wrote a word on the board. Using the activity we just did, I wanted to see if they could interpret this word differently than they are used to reading it, and by using our rule of the prefix "RE-".


We usually think of reaching back into our memory when we read "remember".      In Alma 9, while the prophet Alma is speaking to the apostate Ammonihahites, he is definitely asking them to "remember" how the Lord has been merciful in bringing their ancestors to the promised land and brought them out of bondage many times; all due to their faithfulness.  He wants them to "remember" how they felt when they, at one time, had the Spirit and were blessed with many gifts of the Spirit, light, and knowledge.  Their hardened hearts have moved them away from the Lord and from "remembering" to keep his commandments.

But Alma also wants the Nephites in Ammonihah to "RE-MEMBER" themselves to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In other words, become members again.  He begins to teach them in verse 27, "And behold, he cometh to redeem those who will be baptized unto repentance, through faith on his name."  Faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism. Rather than requiring them to be baptized again, he wants them to recall what they covenanted to do at their baptisms. He wants them to reflect on how they felt when they were converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ and took upon them his name.

We, like the people of Ammonihah, need to be reminded of our covenants.  We are reminded of our baptismal covenants each week when we "RE-MEMBER" ourselves to the Lord in sacrament meeting. We do this by humbling ourselves to bring a broken heart and a contrite spirit to sacrament meeting.  We also promise to keep his commandments and keep Christ at the forefront of our minds, always. Alma speaks to us as he did to the people in Ammonihah. To heed his words would help us avoid the fate of these people.

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