Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"We're at the STARTING GATE..."

Seminary begins on Monday, August 17th. I teach a class of juniors and seniors in the Murrieta Stake in California of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This is my 4th year teaching. Being a seminary teacher has been the hardest calling I have ever had. Along with that, though, are rewards I've received through teaching that are greater than any I have ever had. I have a much deeper understanding of who God is, His plan for us, and where I fall in that plan. I have come to know that the scriptures testify of Jesus the Christ, that he made an Atonement for all mankind (including me, personally), and this enormous blessing makes it possible for me to become "perfected" through Him. I have a greater desire to attend the temple, and have begun to "ponder" more frequently; more deeply. Through my journey this year in teaching my seminary class, I plan on "holding their hands" through the Book of Mormon and SHOWING them how this book directly speaks to them and is a handbook for them to refer to on how to "overcome the world" and look to Jesus Christ for their salvation.
I just received my list of students yesterday. I spent the day calling or texting each of them to welcome them to my class. I've been making preparations in the Primary Room (my classroom this year in the building that I teach in) to make the room inviting and to be organized so everything flows for me. I've been clearing room in my closet, laminating Scripture Mastery flashcards, and separating perforated Scripture Mastery Cards, which for some reason took WAAAAAAAAY longer than I anticipated. I've created "plates" that the youth will be able to compile throughout the year as we study. I'll share that in a future post.
There will be a parent/student/teacher Fireside this Sunday 8/9 at the stake center.
Future entries I make will be more about the lessons I teach. I have already discovered so much in the studying I have done over the summer break. Will spoon feed it to all of you over time. Join me; the more the merrier...

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  1. Great launch! Looking forward to tagging along on the trip.