Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scripture Chain Devotionals

Here is the concept. I want my students to work together as a devotional group. Each group will be in charge of a Scripture Mastery (SM) scripture. Using their Topical Guide, Footnotes, and Bible Dictionary, I want them to use their cross-references to connect together a series of references to form a complete picture of a doctrine, principle, or precept.
They are to start with the SM assigned, and then come up with several references that would make a solid "chain". Then they are to narrow it down to 3 of the strongest that would support that SM and the principle it is teaching. Once they have done that, they are prepared for the week of devotionals.
The Monday student will present the SM assigned their devotional group. He/she can use pictures, objects, props, (or not) while presenting and teach us the principle/doctrine/precept. He/she will name the chain (give the other 3 references), and the class is to write them down in the margins of that SM.
Tuesday's student in that group will present the same principle/doctrine/precept, but using one of the other references in the chain. It keeps going until the end of the week. Usually I will do a SM activity on Friday, so we only need 4 devotionals each week. I will always give them class time to work with their groups on each SM they are assigned. To take it a step further, if they can plan to select the hymns we are singing each day of the week they have devotional so they coincide with their principle/doctrine/precept, it would be ideal.
The idea is to form these chains so that they will master the SM scriptures. If they are ever called to give a talk on one of these principles/doctrines/precepts without much time to prepare, they can take one of their "chains" and easily adapt it to a talk. I also see that this will help them avoid being unprepared. They will have done the bulk of the work with their group. The ultimate end to each devotional would be that each one could testify of the truthfulness of what they have taught. If they can use a personal experience to solidify each principle and help the youth in class internalize it, I will go home with a huge smile on my face that day. =)

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